Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Open my heart God break down these walls and build me up.

                                                                 And God Called Me?

Do you think God has called you to do something? To share something with a friend, a family member or with perhaps a group or even dare I say the world? Do you think perhaps you are not up for the job,  you are ill prepared, you are not gifted, or you feel that you are not good enough for the job. This was me all over this page!!!! I have felt this way all my life, felt so far from God, so far from his purpose for me. Do you feel like a tattered and torn canvas beyond repair? You know what I am talking about those canvases you have seen, those once beautiful images on the surface that were indescribable.  Those canvases that we now feel are covered with dust, years and years of abuse, maybe even scars, or even gaping holes? How did WE get to this point in our life when WE feel so far from God, where WE feel so unloved, where WE feel so un appreciated, where WE feel that WE have made so many mistakes that are unrepairable, where WE are so covered in sin that we feel WE could never have a relationship with The Lord. Well Im here to tell YOU God loves YOU!!!!! YOU are a child of God!!! He loves YOU and knew YOU and planned for YOU before YOU were even a thought to your parents. He wants you to come to him!! It is WE who have walked away, it is WE who have stopped listening. He is calling upon you!! There is no mistake you are reading this today! He has perfect timing for everything including YOU! Just pray, truly search for him and you will find him! Yes many many exclamation points!!!!! God LOVES you, YOU!
My dear sister or brother loved by God lets dig into the word together just a little today. First I want you to flip to Matthew 18:12 -14 (read this passage for me). Are you a lost sheep out in this world, God is awaiting our return so that he may rejoice and cover us with his love.
Here is another verse lets go to Galatians 1:15, God has called you, please I say to you do not ignore his calling upon your life for his sweet love is more precious then what is holding us from him. Another verse that comes to mind is John 15:16, he chose us and appointed us and has set us where we are, now we must search whole heartedly for him and his purpose for our life. Okay only 2 more verses for today Ephesians 1:4, wow he chose us before the foundations of the World, that is so amazing to me!!! God chose little ole me (you) before the foundations of the World!!!!! And saved my favorite verse that is heard often Jeremiah 1:5, yes before you were formed in the womb he knew you, he appointed you, he had you in mind, imperfections and all. Goodness he loves us so much that he is calling for us, he is grabbing our hearts, he wants so badly for us to just accept his love, to listen, to hear his ever so sweet voice. God has a special calling for each of us. I would like to close in a prayer over you for today that you can pray with me if you feel led to.

Lord I'm coming to you today to ask you to help me break these barriers that I have built in my life, start me anew so I can better hear you, speak to me as I am ready to hear your ever so sweet voice, help me to rid the hinderances I have  that hold me and keep me from your plan for my life, help me to see you,  hear you, follow you , and to see the path you have laid before me, give me a hunger for you Oh God, a hunger for your word,  Lord to feel your presence in my life I yearn for the most. Thank you God for this life you have given me, and I praise your wonderful name.

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